Design and implementation of Smart Home/Smart office systems


What is Smart Home”/”Smart Office” system?

It is a united system for remote electronic control and management of home and office equipment (electrical and electronic devices, high voltage and low voltage systems). The management and the control of the system are possible via single remote control device, which gives the opportunity for controlling the entire system (entire house/apartment/office).

The remote control of the entire system for home/office management of solutions for the home and the office include remote control devices and remote control (incl. tablet and/or cell phone in the role of remote control).

There are combined remote control devices for management of TVs, Media Players, Stereos, Hi-Fi systems, Home cinema systems, etc.


What makes us different from standard solutions?

Most of the similar systems perform only a half of the activities and in the most cases they are divided into 2 divisions – High Voltage and Low Voltage systems. There are also systems at the market, which control lamps, blinds, curtains, washing machines, air conditions (applied at home) and faxes, printers, remote access to office IT recourses, systems for video survey and systems for access control (applied at the office).

The difference at our organization is that we have united all power sources – High voltage and Low voltage състемс, but also systems for management of heating (including the heat generated from Steam Power Plant)

IMPORTANT: For maximum efficiency and esthetic (design) result it is important the initial request to be communicated still at the “Projecting” stage of the internal infrastructure (High voltage and Low voltage networks).


Smart HOME & Smart OFFICE

Example for management of a smart home solution:

System for management of home cinema – at activation of regime “Home Cinema”, the following actions occur: the TV-set is turned on, the home cinema system is activated, the surround system is turned on, the blinds are covering the windows, the lights are minimized and the desired media is played on (film or music).


Systems for management of:

-          Home cinema

-          Lights

-          Curtains and blinds

-          Heaters

-          Refrigerators and washing machines

-          Boilers

-          Radiators

-          Heating systems (including the heat generated from Steam Power Plant)

-          Home-phone systems

-          Security systems

-          Video Survey systems


Complete projects:

Design and configuration of audio-video systems (incl. designer acoustic systems)

Implementation of audio and video systems

Home cinema systems

Systems for climate control

Management of smart houses



Preparation, Configuration, Implementation and Support of entire projects for acoustic management of:

-          Houses

-          Apartments

-          Offices

-          Disco clubs

-          Restaurants

-          GYMs

-          Shops


Consultation at choice of technique:

-          Delivery

-          Configuration

-          Support


Stages of a “Smart Home” project: 

1) Consultations 

2) Projecting 

3) Delivery of technique 

4) Configuration and implementation 

5) Fine setup 

6) Maintenance (during the fixed guarantee term and after its expiration)


Other services:

Tuning and précising already existing systems with a guarantee for improvement:

-          Home cinema systems

-          Audio systems

-          Video systems

-          Hi-Fi systems

-          TV-sets

-          Solution of all kinds of problems (picture, sound, etc.)